Friday, November 18, 2016

Pimpin' the Poll

We don't ask often, but can you, pretty please, go to the poll for us??

No no no no no NO NO, NOT THAT KIND of poll!  We're done with that, hopefully, for the next few years.  

We mean a different kind of poll.  

We're extremely (embarrassingly-so) honored to be selected by that bastion of indie music, The Deli Magazine, for inclusion in their Artist of the Month poll! 

Can you vote us in?  Only takes a second.  Go to this page and select your favorite indie artist.  Who's name ends with Burn.  

(Special THANKS MAN! shout-out to Lee Ackerley, Editor Extraordinare at The Deli.)

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

It Ain't Art Yet

...but it will be - kinda - 11/25/16.  That's the official, authentic, certified, definitive, bona-fide release date for It Ain't Art. 

Sure, that's the day after Thanksgiving.  But Hey, you aren't really ready to start listening to Christmas music, are you?? 

Track list is likeuntoso:

Don't Hold Back (feat. Panic Surfer)
Annabel Li
Real Life Barbie
Strollin` Sante Fe
(Let Me Show You) How It's Done
It Is NOT Art
No Peace