Monday, January 3, 2011

New Christmas Music

Sure, coupling the adjective "new" with the noun "Christmas music" sounds oxymoronic.  But Hey, it happens, and we can thank the uber-productive cats of Watch Out For Rockets for it.  "It" being, in this case, the "13 Days of Christmas" release.

Yep, keeping in (or perhaps, skewering) the spirit of the season, we've been treated to a new song every day, with the madness starting on the 12th, and the last entry landing on the 25th, Christmas day.

And just to be clear:  These ain't just new renditions of yer granny's favorites.  Oh no, these are new classics in and of themselves.  The personal favorite?  Day 2, Hey Mr. Snowman.  Well, that one and Day 9, Eggnog and Incense.

OK, sure, Christmas and New Years have come and gone.  But good music never goes out of season.  [Feel free to quote us on that.]

Check it:

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