Friday, January 21, 2011

New Year, New Music

The brothers have been soaking in the locals, musically-speaking; contributing to the world of music fandom in a vague sort of way.  Which means they've simply become big fans of some of the talent in the Austin TX area, making suggestions to the producer about what to include in the Austin Independent Music blog and podcast.  

As a musical entity, there's progress on that front as well:  12 new tracks have been earmarked for the next, as yet-to-be-named CD, who's release date is also TBD, though we're thinking March-April.   These tracks are in various states of construction; some are almost ready to graduate, others are still mere infants in the DAW.  But all have a sharper, sometimes dirtier, edge than the tracks on the Flattened Frog release.  We are liking it.

Speaking of new - Brand Gamblin has managed to finish another novel:  The Hidden Institute.  This means another podcast, and hopefully more podcast-aimed music from the brothers.  Should that music ever get produced, look for more "1884"-ish soundtracks on our Bandcamp pages.

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