Monday, June 27, 2011


They say the music industry is changing.  We don't know for sure - Change is one of the few constants the brothers experience - custody battles or privacy hearings or medical examinations or legal wranglings, change, or threat thereof, is their only constant.

But the producer noticed a big shift in the digital music landscape.  Local band Quiet Company is now in cahoots with GrooveShark and Rocket Science - Their next release will be promoted via a new showcase project that will circumvent the big labels.  It's a bold move by new movers and shakers in the new world music order - Read about it here.

The upshot was that the producer took a look at GrooveShark. Got addicted. Moved the brothers' music up, and now you can find "A Work In Progress" on yonder Grooveshark.
Cool. And not just because it's got "shark" in the title.

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