Friday, September 9, 2011

We're Turning Into Ash

Dunno how it's been where you are, but in Austin, it's just one big wave of heat. And no rain since... Can't remember.

It does something to ya, all that heat. Dries up your pores, makes you thirsty. Gives you a new appreciation for rain - You ever have a time when you hated rain?

Isaac and Horace have not been unmoved. More like obsessed. The only thing taking more of their brain's cycles during this phase is Mother, who is never far from their thoughts, though she's been dead and buried for 17 years now.

So with the new obsession comes a new birth - "Turning Into Ash" is the name of the next release. Our first pass art, generated by the producer just so he could have a simplistic image to embed in the MP3s, was this:
Not all that inspiring. After some digging around, consulting, and asking the Internet, the producer came up, well, dry. He turned to Horace for ideas, who remembered that tale of fiery woe from long ago - Pompeii. From there, the producer produced this as the new CD's art:
If this image doesn't convey it, we'll just say it straight out: This is the brothers' darkest, most dramatic work ever.

It will hit 9/30/11. We want you to have it.

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